Self Defence

Do not let this make you paranoid

First and foremost . There are NO rules
Do what ever it takes
Assume nothing

DO NOT PANIC , easier said than done

Adrenalin , let it run , Use it’s power, Dont let it consume you as this will allow fear to set in and over take you.
This will reduce your fine motor skills reducing reaction times and concious decisions.

Loose tunnel vision
Visibility: Make your self seen
Cat like responce,,React like a frightened cat
Fight or Flight

Groin as a target ,Make sure, do not presume this has done the job.
Eyes as targets,
Knee cap as target
Hair pulling
Biting , Commit to removing

Never let your self be taken to a secondry location
Never allow to be bound and or gagged, if this happens you will have NO control and the above will most likely happen
If you think you are being followed
cross the road
go into a shop,
turn and look at them .Identify them ,Have a good look
Tell the shop owner or if some one close by
Confront them [ if others are around ]
Shout out to be heard ,best be embarrassed than the alternative

Items that can easily be carried
Referee whistle, Not on a lanyard
Cheap pen

KEYS ???????your vehical can be used for their purposes

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