Systems Taught

Jeet Kune Do

This is the art made famous by Bruce Lee and carried on by his close friend and Senior Instructor Dan Inosanto. This system is the foundation of our classes. Learn More

Filipino Martial Arts

The Filipino systems combine Kali or Arnis (stick and knife) with the empty hand (Dumog). There are a few styles of Kali taught at the school. Learn More

Pentjak Silat

This is an Indonesian martial art and embodies locking, throwing and sweeping. Learn More

Muay Thai

The Martial Art of Thailand as taught by Ajahn Siruchai Sirisute renowned for its devastating kicks and elbows. Learn More


This is a Brazilian Martial Art , the type of Capoeira taught are a combination of  the Angola and Regional styles. Learn More

Grappling Systems

We use the grappling systems as taught by Larry Hartsell and Erik Paulson. This incorporates Russian Sambo and Japanese ShootFighting. Learn More

 Mi Tsung I

This is a traditional Chinese system, however, we teach it in a non traditional manner to higher grade students. Learn More