Who We Are

We are members of the Australian Jeet Kune Do Association (AJKDA), the Australian Kung Fu / Wu Shu Association (AKWF) and associated signatories to the Code of Practice for Martial Arts Schools.

We are fully insured with the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA). All instructors at the school are accredited State and Federally.

We teach a variety of Martial Arts systems designed to give any student confidence and ability at any range of combat, [ long ,mid and close range ], standing to on the ground and an emphasis on weapon defence.

The base art is Lin Wan Kune Do (The Way of the Continuous Fist) in which we teach a combination of traditional Kung Fu systems e.g. Hung Gar, Capoeira, Mi Tsung I, Western Boxing and Fencing.
This is combined with Jeet Kune Do, made famous by Bruce Lee and continued through his close friend and Senior Instructor Dan Inosanto.

As well as this we have added the Filipino weapons arts, shoot fighting, Muay Thai and Pentjak Silat from Indonesia. This makes what we do unique in that all these component arts blend together to make a complete system.

Classes cater to the individual so that each student can maximise their potential and achieve their goals. Fitness and strength are essential to effective self defence and this is a component of our training program. What we do does not suit everyone, but if you are serious about learning effective and realistic street defence, if you are serious about getting fit with a purpose and if you are serious about being the best you can.


Jeet Kune Do translated, as “Way of the Intercepting Fist” was Bruce Lee’s personal expression of the martial arts. It is not bound by any one system nor is it meant to be a system. It is a philosophy and an ongoing process of self-discovery. This is not to say that there is no structure to JKD. Most Martial Artists who practice JKD have prior study of other martial arts systems,including Bruce Lee himself.

After an infamous fight Bruce had with another martial arts master that he beat; he thought that the fight took too long and that Wing Chun had it’s limitations. It is then that Bruce Lee formed a set system of progression called “Jun Fan Gung Fu”. Jun Fan being Bruce Lee’s Chinese name.

This system of progression would combine Wing Chun with Western Boxing,Western Fencing, Savate, and Jujitsu to name a few. As Lee would say “Absorb what is Useful and Discard the Rest”. After conducting additional research and adding in some essential principles, strategies, and concepts Lee transformed Jun Fan Gung Fu into an entity he named “Jeet Kune Do”. JKD follows concepts, philosophies, and principles. However everyone’s “JKD” is different. As Bruce Lee’s closest friend and protégé Dan Inosanto would say, “It’s like trying to fit everyone into a size 42 coat. It will fit some but not others. People are made up of different sizes and attributes and what will work with some will not work for others.” This is why everyone will find his or her own JKD.

Where as other Martial Art systems build on techniques, JKD strips away to simplicity. JKD can be compared to a sculptor chipping away at a rock to make a beautiful statue. JKD practioners train in an environment that helps them develop spontaneous and deceptive combat skills with an emphasis on adaptability.

JKD is all about moving, shifting, kicking, punching, trapping, blocking, and parrying. It is a continuum of perpetual motion, yet there is a flow of stillness that encapsulates awareness, perceptiveness, and intuition making them among the most skilled practioners in the world.